The Service Content Delivery Network - CDN is a system of networked servers that work simultaneously to deliver multimedia content to a large number of end users.
The optimization and distribution of the workload can lead to cost reductions as a convenience for the bandwidth, improved performance and usability assurance 'as well as quality.'
The goal of the CDN and 'then route the request to the content of a node that is identified as optimal in relation to the geographical origin of the user or the load in terms of clients connected to the whole system at that time (load balance) .
Through the whole system of nodes that constitute the infrastructure of the CDN is possible to set up server architecture Origin - Edge, where the former represents only the "server Transmitter - origin" and the second (or nodes in the CDN) distributors of content to clients / end users.
The FMS 4.5 IdeaWeb.IT Hosting service you can 'therefore "extend" with the CDN, while retaining its own characteristics and specifications with particular reference to multimedia content distribution platform (click here for more info).
The FMS hosting plan will be activated the Origin of the CDN, which will provide 'to "replicate / distribute" content is transmitted in Flash Video format that (same) format necessary to meet IOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and HTML5 systems .

More resources/links:
- tutorial di utilizzo Adobe© Flash Media Live Encoder
- documentazione/supporto On-Line Adobe©
- free software download: Flash Media Live Encoder;

CDN Service costs*

Hosting Plan=> Just CDN FMS Entry FMS Pro FMS Ent Stream 100 Stream 200 Stream 300 Stream 500

Cost per GByte => 0,70 Euro 0,50 Euro 0,45 Euro 0,40 Euro 0,35 Euro 0,30 Euro 0,25 Euro 0,15 Euro
Monthly Fee => 370,00 Euro 350,00 Euro 345,00 Euro 340,00 Euro 335,00 Euro 330,00 Euro 325,00 Euro 310,00 Euro
Setup Fee => 300,00 Euro 300,00 Euro 300,00 Euro 300,00 Euro 300,00 Euro 300,00 Euro 300,00 Euro 300,00 Euro

Flowchart streaming infrastructure: FMS Origin + CDN Hosting Service


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