Flash Media Server Hosting Provider.

IdeaWeb.IT offers streaming solutions using the best technologies (hardware and software) available today, both in terms of safety and reliability.
Our hosting plans are designed for everyone needs; who wants to run a small chat at very low costs, and who has to send live or on demand streaming video conference meetings, sporting events, events of any kind with a considerable number of simultaneous connections that can be also unlimited.
IdeaWeb.IT as Flash Media Server Hosting Provider provides
advanced solutions for the development of innovative and reliable web applications.

Flash streaming over iPad or iPhone?

In addition to provided support through the Flash Media Server (latest release) streaming or interactive version, we supply in any plan, support for mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android. I could send your movies on demand, but also live events such as conferencing, meetings, special events, sports events or other streaming real iPad directly from your customers with high quality H.264 video codec and without interruptions with allavanzata buffering system of our servers.

RTMP Streaming, HTTP Streaming, Live Video on iPad and iPhone


  • Flex Player for free

  • Unlimited FMS + CDN

  • Unlimited and Flat Traffic

  • Very Low Latency

  • Starts from 9 Euro/mo

rtmp streaming
  • New! Hosting FMS iOS

  • Adobe Media Server 5

  • HTTP Streaming

  • Live Support

  • CDN Support

  • Starts from 9 Euro/mo

iOS Streaming

Streaming Hosting Dedicated and over CDN.

The IdeaWeb.IT offer expands to satisfy the needs of particular thickness providing the service CDN (Content Delivery Network) at the same time a platform is absolutely dedicated and delivered in "Managed"
The service thus defined is based on providing dedicated servers with top level hardware features (Server Core Intel X8 with 16 Gbytes of RAM and 2 Tbytes of disk space in RAID) and the allocation of a license for the Flash Media Server "streaming" or "Interactive" version.
In addition, the service is provided in "Managed" and then as an "turnkey" absolutely reliable and handsome but also released from all activities, operating problems of type 'system.

The Bandwidth for your Streaming is guaranteed and FLAT

Finally, the bandwidth for your streaming is absolutely guaranteed and FLAT. Yes, exactly ... You can ask for 10, 100, 1000 Mbit/s and do not ever pay the traffic carried in the upstream or downstream. The only cost will be clear that you have to pay the monthly fee for the service of your choice. Over CDN service you can have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited user connections on intercontinental traffic at very low costs, up to 0.10 Euro per Gigabyte.

Hosting Streaming costs*

(for more details or to buy: http://www.ideaweb.it/eng/hosting/FMSmatrixS.cfm)
Plans=> Stream 20 Stream 50 Stream 100 Stream 200 Stream 400 Stream 600 Stream 1000

FLAT BW 20 Mbit/s 50 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s 200 Mbit/s 400 Mbit/s 600 Mbit/s 1000 Mbit/s
Users up to 640 up to 1600 up to 3000 up to 6000 up to 12000 up to 19000 up to 32000
Disk Space 1 Gbytes 10 Gbytes 30 Gbytes 100 Gbytes 200 Gbytes 300 Gbytes 500 Gbytes
Monthly fee* 29,00 Euro 69,00 Euro 99,00 Euro 199,00 Euro 299,00 Euro 399,00 Euro 499,00 Euro

*= all our streaming plan are FLAT bandwidth so no further costs will be charged on the monthly fee. The costs are VAT (22%) except.